(A) Removal of existing portacabins, total 269 square metres, partial demolition of existing school building, total 26 square metres, including chimney stack, boiler and GP rooms, staff wc areas and internal and external walls etc. to facilitate new works. (B) The refurbishment of the retained school building to include the reorganisation of existing areas to provide 6 no. en-suite classrooms, upgrading of main corridor with flat roof including new cross corridor doors, new blockwork walls and high level windows for classrooms and new escape doors on north western facade. (C) Construction of a new extension to the existing school building, total 1338 square metres, including 6 no. en-suite classrooms, library/resource room, multipurpose room, 2 no. special education rooms, principals and general administrative offices, general purpose room, PE store, equipment room and teacher/staff room, general stores, electrical room, data/comms room, boiler room and associated toilets and circualt

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