To build a new school, new septic system, new entrance gate and a new car park.


Construction of a new treatment system and percolation area in the lower portion of the site. Connect new treatment system to existing school before existing septic tank is demolished, to provide waste water treatment while acess road and temporary accommodation is being set-up. Demolition of the existing septic tank and relevant sections of boundary walls. Construction of new access road, roundabout, drop-off bays, path and staff car parking – with first layer of tarmac and all services. Include for lining the road and for all signage on the access road. Erection of access gates. Construction of temporary accommodation to include: (a) re-location of existing prefabricated staff room, store, and two prefabricated classrooms, (b) the erection of six new prefabricated classrooms and a new prefabricated admin/resource building (c) all associated site works, steps, ramps, path, services and including drainage, soakaways, connection to new treatments system, gas, electrical, mechanical and all site works. (d) area will need to be enclosed in secure fencing and /or boundary walls for the duration of the works. Serious consideration must be given to the impact of works will have on the school staff and students with regard to fire safety, noise and dust. The safety of the students and staff cannot be compromised by the demolition and construction works. The new access is for the sole use of the school during this construction phase. Demolition of the existing water tower, single storey school and relevant sections of boundary walls. Disposal of all waste, including asbestos.Establishment of required levels on the site to allow construction of the new school. Construction of a two storey school with all associated site works and services Removal of all temporary accommodation when the permanent building is complete. Completion of all boundary walls, garden, play and sports areas, including tarmac, lining of carparks, signage and planting.

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Na Forbacha


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