Changes to previously granted permission, planning reference number 061913, which expires on 18/06/2017 as follows: (a) Updated and modified ground floor plan, first floor plan, elevations, roof line and external materials ( All mainly to the western third of the building which is not yet constructed namely (Phase B). The altered new areas accommodate 2 no. changing rooms, additional toilets, referees room, meeting room, fitness room, community library, kitchen, storage, reception etc. (b) Minor alterations to existing layout of existing buildings (Phase A) to allow for connection of final extension, provision of additional toilets and provision of additional equipment storage. (c) Alterations of areas immediately external to the proposed modified extended areas including a small area of the proposed car parking. (d) All associated works.


Construction of an extension to the existing Sports/Community Facility/Clubhouse, alteration of existing structures, construction of external hard landscaping, new entrance to site and all ancillary works. The project includes all services required including Mechanical & Electrical and their integration into the existing systems. Existing systems to be modified as necessary.

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Mantlehill Great


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