To carry out development at Vicar Street, Townparks (2nd. Division) Tuam to include the following: i) demolition of existing pool room at the side of the rustic vaults public house, and reconstruction of new room at the rear, along with the demolition of stone walled opened yard at the front, ii) the relocation of the open smoking area at the rear in a southerly direction. Iii) construction of a new two storey building at the side of the rustic vaults pub to provide for two commercial units in the ground floor, to facilitate a new off licence, and a new bookmakers office, with office accommodation to first floor. Iv) permission is also sought for connection of new buildings to existing public services and utilities. The rustic vaults public house a protected structure. (registration number 1008). Gross floor space of proposed works: 361 sqm. )

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Vicar Street

Plans Withdrawn/Invalid

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