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A 10 year planning permission for a Strategic Housing Development. The subject lands are accessed from the Castlelands roundabout to the northwest, to the west by Castleland Park View, Tanners Water Lane to the south and Pinewood Green to the north; bound by the Dublin- Belfast trainline and the R127 Skerries Road to the east, adjacent residential areas of Pinewood Green to the north and Ardgillen to the west. The application site is 25.33 hectares in size.

The proposed development consists of 817 no. residential units comprising of 162 no. 1-bed units, 250 no. 2-bed units (180 no. 2-bed apartments and 70 no. 2-bed houses), 381 no. 3-bed units (72 no. 3-bed apartments, 26 no. 3 bed duplexes and 283 no. 3-bed houses) and 24 no. 4 bed houses ranging in height from 1 – 6 no. storeys on an overall site of 25.33 ha.

The residential neighbourhoods are set out as follows:

• Neighbourhood 1 consists of 242 units varying between 2 and 6 storeys in height
• Neighbourhood 2 consists of 163 units varying between 2 and 3 storeys in height
• Neighbourhood 3 consists of 153 units varying between 2 and 3 storeys in height
• Neighbourhood 4 consists of 103 units 2 storeys in height
• Neighbourhood 5 consists of 156 units 2 storeys in height

The proposed development will also provide for 1 no. creche facility (869sqm) including a 237 sqm outdoor play area and 1 no. retail unit (616 sqm) and an office (155 sqm) located in Neighbourhood 1.

The proposed development provides for the completion of the Castlelands Link Street, which extends to approximately 870 metres in length from the existing Castlelands roundabout in the west to the Skerries Road (R127) in the east. It provides for access to the residential development and includes a bridge over the existing railway line, and the realignment of part of the existing Skerries Road. This road will incorporate footpath and cycle tracks on both sides of the carriageway. The development also includes a network of internal roads serving the development.

1,033 no. car parking spaces are proposed to serve the development (1,010 residential and 23 spaces for the proposed creche and retail unit) located at surface level. 1092 no. bicycles spaces are proposed to serve the entire development. This consists of 812 no. long stay spaces to serve the proposed apartment/ duplex units and 280 no. shorts stay spaces to serve visitors to the proposed development.

2.16 Hectares of public open space is proposed to serve the future residents of the scheme which equates to c. 11.8% of the net developable area.

0.83 Hectares of communal open space is being provided to serve the residents of the proposed apartment units.

The development will also provide for all associated ancillary site development infrastructure including: ESB sub-stations, bike stores, bin stores, plant rooms, public lighting, new watermain connection and foul and surface water drainage; internal roads & footpaths; site landscaping, including boundary treatments; associated scheme signage, and all associated engineering and site works, including a temporary diversion of the R127, necessary to facilitate the development. The existing overhead infrastructure will be diverted underground.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been prepared in respect of the application and accompanies this application.

The application contains a statement indicating why permission should be granted for the proposed development, having regard to a consideration specified in Section 37(2)(b) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, notwithstanding that the proposed development materially contravenes a relevant development plan or local area plan other than in relation to the zoning of the land.

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