12 April 2018:

Consultants for engineering form Aecom have spent more than a year drawing up a traffic management system for Castletownbere, which it is hoped will alleviate issues, especially after a €21m refurbishment of the town’s pier is completed.

The finalised plans, which will go on show at the Beara Coast Hotel, aims to benefit the seafood industry, locals, and tourists.
The pier investment is expected to generate millions of euro extra per year for the fishing industry and significantly increase the number of HGV coming in and out of the port.

They reviewed all accidents in the town in recent years, so as to improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

They have produced short- and long-term solutions.

In the short-term, they are recommending rearranging parking spaces in some areas and increase the number of spaces by nearly a third.
Some pedestrianisation of streets will be introduced, along with one-way systems designed to increase traffic flow.

The long-term solution, which has a timeframe of 15-25 years, proposes that a relief road be built around the town, which will be particularly important when port activities start to substantially increase.

Around 80% of jobs in the town are directly associated with the seafood industry and it is expected hundreds more jobs will be created as it expands.

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