08 Jun 2022 The Construction of 2 storey Maisonette Building with 2no. 1-bedroom units with own door access at ground level and 2no. 2-bedroom unit accessed from floor below.

23 Mar 2022 Construction commenced of 40no. 2 Storey and 8no. 3 Storey Residential Dwellings.

The proposed development will consist the construction of 132 no. residential units, comprising:
• 60 no. houses comprising: o 8 no. two-storey three-bedroom terraced houses measuring 113.3 sqm GFA (House Type A) o 30 no. two-storey three-bedroom semi-detached houses measuring 113.3 sqm GFA (House Type B) o 11 no. two-storey three-bedroom, wide fronted semi-detached houses measuring 117.9 sqm GFA (House Type C) o 11 no. three-storey four-bedroom, wide fronted semi-detached houses measuring 143.9 sqm GFA (House Type D)
• 36 no. Apartments arranged in 1 no. four-storey apartment building comprising: o 17 no. one-bedroom apartments measuring 49.8 sqm – 57.3 sqm GFA o 19 no. two-bedroom apartments measuring 79.4 sqm – 88.1 sqm GFA
• 36 no. Own Door Duplex units comprising; o 4 no. one-bedroom duplex units measuring 54.7 sqm GFA o 4 no. two-bedroom (3 person) duplex units measuring 91.8 sqm GFA o 14 no. two bedroom (4 person) duplex units measuring 107.8 sqm – 109.7 sqm GFA o 14 no. 3 bedroom duplex units measuring 111.1 – 115.9 sqm GFA
• A childcare facility (325.5 sqm) is also proposed to serve the development. The proposed development includes: 2 no. new vehicular access including 1 no. access onto the Trim Road to the south west of the site with left and right hand turning lanes provided for vehicles entering at this location, and 1 no. access to the north of the site onto the North South Link Street; upgrades to pedestrian and cycling infrastructure on the Trim Road including the provision of a footpath, cycle tracks in both directions, and public lighting; a total of 184 no. car parking spaces and 212 no. bicycle parking spaces; 1 no. ESB substation (8.2 sqm GFA); 1 no. temporary wastewater pumping station and emergency overflow storage tank (60m3); all site and infrastructural works including foul and surface water drainage, attenuation area, open space, boundary walls and fences, bin stores, landscaping (including 4,651 sqm of public open space), lighting, and internal roads, cycle paths, footpaths, cycle and pedestrian connections to the Trim Road and North-South Link Street. The development also provides for street connections to the adjoining lands to lands to the south and east of the site.

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