For the following development: (a) demolition of the existing school building and all temporary classrooms, (b) construction of a new 1,570sqm two storey primary school building, (c) all ancillary site development works, including new vehicular entrance off the local cul-de-sac road (L21332), school access road with set down area and traffic turning circle, staff and visitor carpark, junior play area, ballcourt (with boundary fence), new front boundary wall, footpaths, service roads, oil tank compound, site signage, raised uncontrolled crossing point and road markings on the local cul-de-sac road (L21332), and (d) all associated site services, including a new on-site effluent treatment system, extending the existing sand polishing filter, on-site surface water soakways, underground rainwater harvesting tank, and external lighting (gross floor space demolition 360sqm; proposed 1,507sqm).


Construction of a new 8 classroom primary school complete with new sewage treatment plant, new surface water percolation, new car parking, new hard play areas and other site works. The works will also include for the demolition of the existing school building (including removal of asbestos) and removal of existing prefabs. The existing school buildings (including prefabs) are to remain “live” throughout the contract until substantial completion of the new school building and the new sewage works have been certified. The contractor is to maintain all heat, power, light, sewage, water etc. to/from the existing school buildings (including prefabs) at all times.

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Lackagh Beg


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