Development consists of alterations and additions to previously approved development under Reg. Ref. SD13A/0265 to provide for: a reduction in the gross floor area of the permitted building from 35,000sq.m (with a data capacity of 32 MW) to 21,350sq.m (data capacity 17.6 MW). The altered building will include an administration area with office space of 2,225sq.m. As a result, permitted elevations will be altered and the number of flues reduced from 9 to 5. The finished floor level (of 71m OD and the height of flues (of 25m at 95.85m OD) to the permitted (altered) building will be developed as granted under Reg. Ref. SD13A/0265; the permitted surface area to the front of the building is altered to provide 5 truck parking spaces; 6 new buildings are proposed to the west of the altered building to provide data facilities totalling 28,383sq.m. The new buildings will be in the range of 6.362 m – 8.689 m high and to a range of finished floor levels between 68.5m and 69.5m OD; a total of 12

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Grangecastle Business Park

Plans Granted

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