The dev. will consist of modifications to dev. prev. permitted under Reg Ref 15/710 and Reg Ref 19/849. The mods. for perm. will consist of: (a) Removal of banquette style seating along with Booth seating location adjustment & alignments at ground & 1st floor
(b) Amendment to door styles, sizes & location & addition of service hatch door for glass pick-up/drop-off points at 1st floor
(c) Removal of Accessible WC at ground floor
(d) Amendment customer platform lift size & change of 2 access sides to 1
(e) Removal of drinks hoist at ground floor & Relocation. of food hoist at ground floor
(f) Addition of customer stair lobby at ground floor
(g) Increase in size of stair lobby to allow for access refuge loc. under stairs at 1st floor
(h) Revised layout of staff areas at 2nd floor
(i) Relocation of cleaners cupboards at 1st & 2nd floor
(j) Goods lift size amended & location adjustment to suite, ensuring 1800mm turning circle is maintained for staff accessible lift requirements.
(k) amendments of kitchen layout at 1st floor-food hoist moved location, open gantry size decrease & location amended, drinks hoist removed & dispense room added instead of drinks servery with additional partitioning
(l) overall size of kitchen area incr., reducing size of glazed link structure & outdoor terrace 2,
(m) removal of covered area in outdoor terrace 2
(n) amended location. of proposed customer toilets to suit new layout at 1st floor
(o) glazing to roof updated & windows added for ventilation at 2nd floor
(p) incr. overall height of glazed link building with an incr. in angle of roof for drainage purposes.
(q) additional roof added at 2nd floor to cover staircase & corridor to 1st floor & increase in size of walls to 1st floor extension to suit new kitchen & dispense room layout
(r) removal of planting over booth seating, drinks shelves, & pergola at roof terrace
(s) removal of void in cooler beer store with install. of new flooring at 2nd floor
(t) incr. in size of outdoor terrace 1 to behind platform lift
(u) incr. in size of plant room, cooled bottle store, lobby to customer toilets, amend. to location. of wine & spirit partitions at 2nd floor and addition of stair lobby at 2nd floor
(v) addition of columns & new smoke curtains surrounding void at 1st floor
(w) removal of wall & replace with fence in front of party wall & void at terrace 1
(x) addition of bookcase/display cabinet at 1st floor
(y) reduction in size of vanity & 1 sink removed at 2nd floor
(z) removal of doors to customer lift at roof terrace (a1) addition of drinks shelves at roof terrace & addition of new extended brick wall to 1st floor extension, millboard cladding to extended lift shaft at roof terrace & all new extension timber doors.

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17-18 Broad Street &

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