2 new school buildings with a total floor area of 15,913 sq. M. Incorporating:

(a) Swords Community College (rn76475d), consisting of a new, part 3-storey, part 2-storey, 11,397 sq. M. Post-primary school, including a 2-classroom special needs unit and sports hall with all ancillary pupil and staff facilities;

(b) A new primary school consisting of a new 2-storey, 24-classroom, 4,516 sq. M. Primary school with a 2-classroom special needs unit, including all ancillary pupil and staff facilities; GP hall;

(c) All associated site works, including a substation, with a total of 104 number car parking spaces (40 spaces for primary and 64 spaces for post-primary) including all landscaping, ball courts and soft play areas.

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