Ext. of Duration: Ten year permission for a development of a site of 2.98 hectares comprising lands at the northern part of a triangular urban block bounded by Lansdowne Road to the north, Shelbourne Road to the east, Pembroke Road to the west, and the former Veterinary College site to the south, located at Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, including some 0.2 hectares of external pavements and part of the Lansdowne Road / Shelbourne Road junction. The development will consist of a scheme of residential, hotel, retail, non-retail services, licensed restaurants, bars, cafes, childcare facilities, healthcare facilities and ancillary uses above and below ground (106,290sqm GFA), comprising: the demolition of structures in site (including 16 no. residential units in the D4 Berkeley Apartments, but excluding the (primarily) retained external posts, plinths and railings); the construction of 12 no. buildings (Blocks 1-11 primarily residential and inter linked; Block 12 primarily Hotel) over a 2 / part 3 level basement, comprising: 568 no. residential units (88,798.5sqm including arcaded walkways); a 135 no. bedroom hotel (9,805sqm, including leisure / spa facility, conference facilities, and restaurant and bar facilities above and below ground floor level); an anchor retail unit (3,329sqm gross); licensed restaurants, cafes and bars (1,682sqm); healthcare facility (1,200sqm); 10 no. retail (including an off-licence) / non-retail service units (1,005sqm to accommodate use class 1 and 2 uses such as retail, professional / financial services); childcare facility (470.5sqm); and ancillary plant, circulation and landscaped areas. The basement levels will accommodate 963 no. car spaces together with circulation, plant, storage and service areas (51,770sqm). (A further 80no. bicycle spaces are provided at grade.) Vehicular access to the basement and service areas is provided from Shelbourne Road, Pembroke Road and Lansdowne Road, respectively. The residential units are accommodated in Blocks 1-11 (568 no. residential units comprising: 70 no. 1 bed apartments; 285 no. 2 bed apartments; 97 no. 2 bed apartments with study; 82 no. 3 bed apartments; 22 no. 4 bed duplex apartments; and 12 no. 4 bed penthouse apartments); (Blocks 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are over a lower ground floor level to accommodate duplex units and the healthcare facility). Block 1 has a shoulder level of 7 storeys stepping up to 9 storeys and contains a licensed restaurant / cafe use at ground floor level with residential use over (22. no apartments); Block 2-4 have a shoulder level of 8 storeys stepping up to 10 storeys (from lower ground floor level) and are in residential use (26, 31 and 32 no. apartments respectively) (with access to the basement carpark from Lansdowne Road provided under Block 3); Block 5 had a shoulder level of 7 storeys stepping up to 9 storeys and contains a childcare facility at ground floor level and residential over (28 no. apartments); Block 6 has a shoulder level of 8 storeys stepping up to 10 storeys (from lower ground floor level), and contains part of the healthcare facility at lower ground and ground floor levels, with residential use over (117 no. apartments); Block 7 has an overall height of 7 storeys (from lower ground floor level) and contains the remainder of the healthcare facility at lower ground and ground floor levels with residential use over (20 no. apartments); and Blocks 8-11 are centred around the feature courtyard gardens over the ground floor anchor retail unit and have a shoulder height of 7 storeys stepping up to 9 storeys (stepping from 6 to 8 storeys within the courtyard) with two feature 15 storey landmark elements defining the Pembroke Road vista at the corner of Blocks 8 and 10. Retail / non-retail service / licences restaurant / cafe / bar uses are provided at ground floor level with residential use over (Block 8 – 104 no, apartments; Block 9 – 48 no. apartments; Block 10 – 92 no. apartments; and Block 11 – 48 no. apartments). Block 12 has a shoulder level of 6 storeys stepping up to 7 storeys and contains the 135 no. bedroom hotel with associated facilities including a licensed restaurant / bar at 6th floor level and retail / non-retail service, licensed restaurant / cafe / bar uses at ground floor level together with conference and leisure facilities at Basement Level -1. The development will also consist of the provision of private, semi-private, and public open spaces, and external circulation areas in the form of: winter gardens, balconies, garden areas including a raised courtyard garden, roof terraces, childcare facility play area, a public plaza, and covered and open pedestrian streets and paths; all hard and soft landscaping including boundary treatments (including alterations to parts of the external posts, plinths and railings), changes in level; substations, plant; and all other associated site excavation and site development works above and below ground. Works to the external pavement will consist of new stone paving, lay-bys, set-down and taxi facilities, with a revised junction layout and additional paving to the Lansdowne / Shelbourne Road Junction. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be submitted to the planning authority with the application. The EIS will be available for inspection of purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy during office hours at the offices of the planning authority, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

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D4 Hotels Site (Jurys Site)

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