Construction of a renewable bioenergy plant to generate up to 4MW of electricity from 90000 tonnes of non-hazardous biodegradable waste per annum utilising anaerobic digestion (AD) technology on a 2.01 hectares site. The proposed plant will comprise the following elements: (1) Demolition of the existing decommissioned waste water treatment plant & associated ancillary buildings and the existing utility building located on the east side of the site (c.1425sqm footprint); (2) Main processing building (c.4500sqm floor area up to 14.5m high) incorporating feedstock reception and processing areas, digestate treatment areas, dewatering and storage areas, quarantine areas and the odour control system (c. 12m high, 773sqm floor area) and 25m high stack; (3) Service yard area including 2no. weighbridges, weighbridge office (c.435m high and 17sqm floor area, 2no. car parking spaces, bunded vehicle refuelling area (c.56sqm floor area) with diesel storage tank (2500 litres), workshop (c. 7m high and c. 70sqm floor area), and 1no. wheel wash; (4) Tank farm (c.2900sqm footprint) encompassing 4no. digester tanks (up to 25.5m max. height, c. 5000 metres cubed), 4no. grit removal buffer tanks (up to 24m max. height, c. 630 metres cubed), 2no. post-digestion buffer tanks (up to 24m max. height, c. 630 metres cubed) and 2no. pasteurisation tanks (up to 19m max. height, c. 217metres cubed), 2no. post pasteurisation and sludge storage tanks (up to 24m max. height, c. 630 metres cubed), 1no. process water tank (up to 25.5m max. height, c. 1280 metres cubed), 1no. concentrate tank (up to 10m max. height, c. 240 metres cubed) , 4no. chemical storage tanks (up to 5m max. height, c. 48.1 metres cubed), total 20no. tanks in the tank farm, to include a stairwell tower (up to 25m max. height), gantry walkways, 3m high bund wall, 2no. bund access stairs, and 6no. tank emergency access ladders; (5) 2no. enclosed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) 2MW engines (c. 3.6m high and c.66sqm floor area each), 28m high CHP stack, c.14m high gas storage dome (1800 metres cubed) with 4no. lightning rod electrodes (c.18m high), 8.2m high biogas flare stack, gas treatment equipment enclosed in a c.1.8m high container (c.31sqm floor area) containing a gas booster and dryer and a c.2.5m high container (c.79sqm floor area) containing a boiler, 10m high boiler stack, 3no. bunded electrical transformers (c.5m high with 1m high bund wall and c.117sqm floor area), c.3.0m high substation (c.70sqm floor

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