EXTENSION OF DURATION OF 16/498 – expansion and extension of the existing unit, along with the provision of additional parking. Works to consist of 1. Alteration of existing building to include provision of new escape doors and louvres in south and east facades, new backlit signage, new single storey loading bay / workshop extension (80 sqm) to east elevation, provision of mezzanine first floor (1480 sqm) over entire existing waterhouse area to rear of building, and provision of new roof mounted plant. 2. Provision of new 3 storey extension (15,570 sqm) to north of existing unit consisting of production space, warehouse and canteen on ground floor, offices and gantry mounted plant space on first floor, office / laboratory space on second floor, roof-mounted fully enclosed plantrooms and stair access at roof level and backlit signage to north elevation. 3. Provision of a new 2 storey central utilities building (341 sqm) to the east of the existing building, incorporating a fenced in area for external flues at ground level and plant mounted of roof over ground. A new pipe will connect services to the existing building and proposed extension. 4. Alteration of existing site to include extension of existing internal site access road, new 1.5m high totem signage, provision of new bicycle shelter, provision of new landscaping and provision of 199 no. new parking spaces in addition to the 62 no. existing parking spaces maintained for a total of 261 no. parking spaces. All of the above to be done together with all associated site development works.

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Ida Technology Park

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