Permission for amendments to approved hotel re-development ( ref. 3493/15, 4082/16, 3439/17, 2415/18), at the grafton capital hotel, 31-33 lower stephen street and 1-3 digges lane, dublin 2, to consist of:

a) The conversion of the 1st floor bar to four meeting rooms, with omission of open stairs from ground floor;
b) Provision of an mv switch room, with omission of one bedroom, at first floor, south-west corner;
c) The provision of private roof terraces to 10 no. Bedrooms at 6th floor level, with associated balustrades and privacy screens; d) Minor alterations to the digges lane facade; and
e) Alterations to the hotel signage on the east, north and west facades.
The total number of bedrooms will reduce from 123 to 122. There is no change in gross floor area of the development.

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31, 32 And 33, Stephens Street Lower

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