Development consisting of the construction and installation of a floating pontoon in the Garavogue River at Doorly Park. The installation will consist of a prefabricated galvanised access ramp 8 meters long and 1.2 meters wide between hand rails (overall width 1.52 meters) from the existing quay wall at Riverside, Doorly Park and will connect to a prefabricated floating landing pontoon 6 meters long by 3 meters in width and connected at right angles to a prefabricated floating pontoon in three sections forming an overall 27 meters in length and 3 meters in width with 0.75 meters freeboard (ie height above water level). The access ramp will be fixed to a concrete pad foundation within the quay wall at Riverside. The collapsed section of the stone quay wall is to be rebuilt and the remaining quay wall is to be repaired for a distance of 17.5 meters to the east and south of the access ramp and 11 meters to the west of the access ramp.

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Crozon Promenade

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