Extensions to and modifications of the existing planning permission Ref RA170887. The development consists of the construction of a proposed Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Research Facility as described hereunder.

1) A single storey with mezzanine Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Research Facility sized approximately 17,500 square metres and approximately 14.5 metres high, located to the north of the existing manufacturing building including docks and yard-based plant and equipment and roof mounted stacks, equipment and vents and including 2no. boiler stacks approximately 27 metres high.
2) A single storey , partially glazed pedestrian link approximately 4 metres high.
3) A three-storey canteen and laboratory extension located to the south of the existing laboratory, administration and canteen block sized 1,020 square metres approximately and 21 metres high, including roof mounted plant and equipment.
4) The relocation of 2no. single storey modular liquid supply and waste stores to the east of the existing warehouse, both sized approximately 30 square metres and approximately 3 metres high.
5) The demolition of the existing single storey waste store located in the utilities to the north east of the existing faciility, sized approximately 235 square metres and approximately 4.7 metres high and the construction of a new waste store to the south of the proposed facility, sized approximately 235 square metres and approximately 4.7 metres high
6) An extension to the west side of the existing single storey ESB substation located adjacent to the southern site vehicular entrance gates, sized approximately 35 square metres and approximately 4.5 metres high.
7) The addition of 162 permanent car parking spaces, bringing the site to a total of 524 permanent car parking spaces and a dedicated shuttle bus parking area and shelter and including 8 disabled car parking spaces and including 16 electric vehicle charging spaces and including 36 cycle parking spaces, including the re-use of approximately 460 existing temporary construction related car parking spaces.
8) A landscaped berm approximately 8 metres high located to the rear (east) of the existing manufacturing site.
9) An additional utilities yard, housing plant and equipment, located to the south west of the proposed facility.
10) Alterations and extensions to existing roads and site works. These works include the use of existing temporary construction facilities and the extension of these temporary.

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Piercetown, Cradockstown & Ballymagillin Townlands


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