A general refurbishment of the facility including an extension of the site boundary to the South and partly to the West. Three new 20m diameter storage tanks with a total height of 16m to the kerb angle (18m high at centre of cone roof) shall be erected within a steel containment bund 24m in diameter. A concrete bund shall surround the storage tanks. A new 3.0m high security fence shall be provided along the boundary line and inner car park boundary. The outer car park boundary fence shall be 2.0m high. The West entrance/exit gate shall be retained for emergency access. The North gate on Corballis Road South shall be sealed off. The three Southern gates shall be replaced by a single entrance/exit gate for fuelling vehicles. A second segregated entrance to/exit from the JSF car park will be provided with a security barrier at the car park entrance. The existing Corballis Park lay-by shall be moved 10m northwards to create space for the into-plane operations building. A car park of not less than 60 spaces is proposed. The yard concrete surface shall be refurbished and the site drainage and interceptor system is to be upgraded. Three new buildings shall be erected along the west boundary; an into-plane operations building (aircraft fuelling and associated administration), into-plane vehicle service building (fuelling vehicle maintenance) and JSF operations (for fixed plant operations and maintenance). The maximum building height shall be 6.5m to the top of the wall. The existing ExxonMobil/Chevron garage and office, Fingal crew building, Fingal garage and Fingal office building shall be demolished. The existing switch room shall be altered. A new fueller vehicle loading stand with new pumps and associated equipment shall be constructed. New road tanker delivery pumps, filters and associated equipment shall be provided. The existing fuel storage tanks shall be converted to water storage/handing for a fire protection system. An Environmental Impact Statement has been carried out. The site is a Seveso site.

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Esso Fuel Terminal


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