(1) For change of use of previously approved planning application 09/0069 for part of existing unfinished hotel and apartment suites to a nursing home facility. (2) The change of use will include the approved hotel bedrooms that formed Block C (92 number) and Apartment Suites, identified as apartments 1 to 48 under the approved planning application 09/0069 and ancillary areas for use as a nursing home, including the stairwell and common area of Block B adjacent to Block C, resulting in a 193 bedroom nursing home facility. (3) For the construction of an enclosed fire escape stairwell to stairwell 10, including changes to the elevations. (4) For the omission of stairwell number 13, including changes to the elevations. (5) For the construction of a day room, dining room and connecting hallway in lieu of previous under-pass, including changes to the elevations. (6) For the construction of an extension to the rear elevation to form part of proposed dining room, including changes to the elevations. (7) For the construction of a main entrance doors in lieu of previous window and for the construction of proposed entrance feature to front elevation. (8) For the provision of all general day spaces and staff facilities within the proposed nursing home. (9) For the provision of private garden space to the rear of the existing property and for the omission of previously approved car parking spaces, identified as 173-177; 265-276 and 355-366 under planning application 09/0069. (10) For the minor alterations to the internal road layout and car parking facilities as previously approved so as to accommodate more parking facilities within the land holdings and for the provision of a delivery area to the proposed nursing home. (11) For the erection of secure timber post and panel boundary fencing to the rear of the proposed nursing home which will provide an enclosed boundary to the private open space amenities. (12) For the provision of a bin store. (13) For the minor amendments to the existing surface water network. (14) All existing and previously approved site services, access roads, hotel, conference and leisure amenities under the planning application 09/0069 shall remain as previously approved, unless otherwise stated. (15) For all ancillary site works.

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The Red House Hotel

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