A seven-year permission for development for the change of use of the (distribution) warehouse element of the development (identified as Blocks B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K1 and L) to beverage manufacturing use, including construction of additional development identified as Blocks K2 and M, respectively, and for ancillary works; and for retention permission for development (for the retention of an additional 376 sqm of office accommodation in the permitted three-storey office block (Block A), and for the retention of an additional 789 m of development in the permitted warehouse) (Blocks B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K1 and L), on a site of 7.42 ha approximately, at the former Lidl Distribution Centre, Great Connell Business Park, Greatconnell, Newbridge, County Kildare, W12 NN23. (The permitted use of the existing office block (Block A) (4,138 sq m, inclusive of the retention area) is not affected.) The gross floor area of the premises (inclusive of retention areas) will increase from 31,986 sq m to 34,191 sq m, an increase of 2,205 sq m. The beverage manufacturing facility is designed to be delivered in two phases, identified as Phases 1 and 2 respectively. (An overflow carpark located to the south west of the subject site does not form part of the Application.) etc. Please see Newspaper Notice for full description: The development will also consist of the construction of; revised vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian access; reconfiguration of part of the existing permitted car parking to provide 209 No. car parking spaces (inclusive of electric car charging points), 40 No. bicycle parking spaces and associated infrastructure; goods’ intake and storage areas; external chiller and condensing units and associated louvre screening; a tank farm comprising of 10 No. tanks and associated stairs, gantries, and enclosures to a tank height of 4.5m above yard level (Block K2); a wastewater treatment plant (consisting of 2 No. aeration and 2 No. equalisation tanks with associated pipework, stairs, gantries, and enclosures to a tank height of 5.5 metres above yard level) (Block M); 1 No. sludge press, DAF water treatment, associated chemical storage, blower and plant room building to a height of 4 metres above yard level and 1 No. sprinkler tank, 5.5 metres above yard level, and associated pump house and site wide ancillary barrier and bollard protections; the provision of revised lighting, etc. Please see Newspaper Notice for full description.

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At the Former Lidl Distribution Centre

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