(1)The demolition of all existing structures, including a habitable house and associated shed, except the existing former Kanturk railway station building, including an existing substation, which is to be refurbished,
(2) the construction of a single storey discount food store (1,799sqm gross floor area, 1315sqm net floor area) including the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises,
(3) a single storey café,
(4) loading bay,
(5) 107 no. car parking spaces, including EV, disabled, and parent and child spaces,
(6) 8 no. motorbike parking spaces,
(7) 8 no. bicycle parking spaces,
(8) external plant enclosure,
(9) new vehicular access from the existing laneway off Percival Street, (10) resurfacing of the existing laneway and provision of new pedestrian and cycle lane,
(11) proposed future vehicular, pedestrian, and cycle connection to proposed relief road,
(12) bin store,
(13) trolley bay,
(14) entrance barrier,
(15) signage and
(16) all associated boundary treatment, landscaping, drainage, and site development works, at the site of the former Keating’s Bakery. A Natura Impact Statement will be submitted to the Planning Authority with the application.

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