the proposed development consists of: The phased demolition of the existing permited Licenced Discount Foodstore (1,534 sqm Gross Floor Area with 1,256 Net Retail Sales Area). The construction of a new re-located modernised mono-pitched Licenced Discount Foodstore (2,4166 sq m gross floor area) ranging in height from 1 to 2 storeys, with trolley bay (62.36 sq m gross floor area). The new modernised mono-pitched Licenced Discount Foodstore comprise of: a net retail sales area of 1,422 sq m), bakery, public facilities (incl. lobby and toilets), entrance pod, storage (incl. freezer and cooler areas ) stairs to first floor, lobby and plant room, all at ground floor (totalling 2,232 sq m ground floor area); staff welfare (incl. toilets, office, staff room, training, change rooms and services) and stairs from ground floor, all at first floor (totalling 184 sq m first floor area); 2 no. building mounted internally illuminated signs; 3 no. wall mounted externally illuminated poster panel disp

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Davis Road


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