EXT OF DURATION: The development will consist of: – Demolition of existing warehouse buildings, the retention of No. 19 Creighton St and the development of a mixed use development consisting of a 4 to 6 storey office building including setback penthouse levels with roof terraces at 3rd floor level, ground floor café and associated rooftop plant. – A 4-5 storey residential building with retail space at ground floor and residential development on the upper floors around a raised first floor level landscaped courtyard providing 15 No. units consisting of 3No. 1 bed units, 8 No. 2 bed units & 4 No. 3 beds with associated balconies and roof terrace at 5th floor. At ground floor level pedestrian access is proposed to the offices from Windmill Lane. Access to the residential units is provided along Creighton St and access to the residential courtyard is provided along Creighton St. & Hanover St East. The development also proposes an ESB substation above flood level. 58 car parking spaces, 214 bicycle spaces and associated plant space are provided in a single basement car park accessed via a new vehicular ramp off Hanover St East. The total gross floor areas provided are as follows: 13,980 sq.m. of office, 887 sq.m. of retail & 1678 sq.m. of residential combining for an overall proposed development of 16,545 sq.m. (excluding basement). Al the above, including all associated ground and landscaping works is to be carried out on a site of 0.4223 hectares.

Companies below listed from original application in 2009 – Reference 4071/09

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Mixed Development New Build in Dublin

1-4 Windmill Lane

Plans Granted

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