Alterations to previously approved development (Reg. Ref. F17A/0752). The proposed development consists of:

(1) the construction of an extension (12,662m²) to south elevation of existing glasshouse to provide for additional agricultural glasshouse growing area. The extension will replace the east elevation extension (10,663m²) approved under Reg. Ref. F17A/0752;

(2) construction of a storage shed (600m²), outdoor storage yard and service area to the southwest of the existing structure. The development also provides for perimeter fencing to the storage yard (2.4m in height);

(3) addition of 1 no. cargo door; 1 no. Ellickson Dock Leveller and 1 no. access door to the front facade of the existing building;

(4) provision of a new surface water attenuation pond to southeast of existing structure and upgrade of existing onsite wastewater treatment system;

(5) regrading of land to the southwest of the existing structure including reduction of site levels by approximately 1m. The subsoil will be transferred to the location of the proposed glasshouse extension area to facilitate its construction;

(6) provision of 2 no. EV charging spaces and 1 no. disabled parking space at existing car park to northwest of existing structure;

(7) no amendments are proposed to the laybys; car parking; and entrance gates approved under Reg. Ref. F17A/0752; and

(8) permission is also sought for landscaping, SuDS drainage and all associated site development ancillary works necessary to facilitate the development.

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