The construction of a five-storey extension to the sports surgery clinic comprising a maximum overall height of c. 18. 4m od (including plant/lift overrun) and a total gross floor area of c. 1,497 sq. M.; and modifications to elevation on the existing building. The proposed extension will include: 2 no. Theatres (each c. 53 sq. M. ) 4 no. Intensive care units (each 47 sq. M. ); 4 no. Intensive care units (each 47 sq. M. ); 4 no. 2-bed ensuite rooms (each c. 48 sq. M); 3 no. 1-bed ensuite rooms (18. 5 sq. M. Each); 2 no. Anaesthetic rooms (14. 0 sq. M. Each); 2 no. Preparation rooms (10. 7 sq. M each); 1 no. Duty base (13. 9 sq. M); 1 no. Office (12. 0 sq. M. ); and; associated facilities including storage rooms, circulation spaces, lobby areas, stairs, plant, attenuation tank and other ancillary service areas. The modification of the existing building includes pressed metal louvre panels along sections of the existing northeast and southeast elevations at roof level with a height of c. 2.

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Sports Surgery Clinic

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