Permission for alterations, partial change of use and extension to the existing Pavilion Building on site. It involves a reorganisation of existing facilities on site and no intensification of use is proposed. It involves reuse of the Visitors Centre to create additional hospitality space for Racecourse in one part and relocation of the existing Nightclub on site in the other part of the Pavilion Building. The total floor area of the existing Pavilion Building is 4852m2. The total floor area of the proposed Pavilion Building as a result of the proposed development is 4963m2. This represents only a 2% increase in total floor area of 111m2. The proposed development comprises of Change of Use of existing Visitors Centre, area 1627m2 in Pavilion Building to additional Racecourse hospitality area and facilities of total area 254m2 and Nightclub use, including additional enclosed fire escape stairway of are 28m2, additional lobby to terrace of area 4m2, enclosed external terrace of area 100m2, public nightclub levels of area 1022m2 and service areas 330m2, total nightclub demise of area 1484m2 with overall resultant additional floor area in Pavilion Building of 111m2. Enclosure of nightclub terrace with continuous non vision metal louvre screens above existing terrace wall of overall height 2.58m above terrace level and retractable fabric awnings with timber frame structure. New external stairway from existing terrace at level 2 down to ground level. Enclosure of existing external service are with wall, gates and hedge as previously approved. New external glazing and balcony to south elevation from new bar in drum structure. New external service access gantry at level 4 on east elevation in total overall internal floor area of 1742m2 on overall site area of 0.292 hectares.

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Pavilion Building

Plans Granted

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