10 year permission for the construction of an up to 25 mw solar pv farm comprising approximately 86,200 no. Photovoltaic panels on ground mounted frames within a site area of 35. 6 hectares and associated ancillary development including 20 no. Transformer stations, 20 no. Auxiliary transformer stations, 20 no. Inverters, 1 no. Client side substation, 1 no. Signle storey storage building, 1 no. Single storey communications building, 1 no. Single storey dno building, 6 no. Cctv security cameras mounted on 4 metre high poles and perimeter security fencing (2 metres high) and localized improvements to an existing agricultural access from the adjoining l1004 road to the south, on lands in the townland.

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Plans Granted

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