Development comprising the demolition of the existing Lidl licenced discount foodstore (1,741 sq m gross floor area with 1,286 sq m net retail sales area) and the construction of a new mono-pitched licensed discount foodstore with ancillary infrastructure and associated site development works (all totalling 2,324.5 sq m gross floor area and ranging in height equivalent from 1 to 2 storeys), at a site of approximately 0.866 hectares at Limerick Road (N20), Rathgoggan Middle, Charleville, Co. Cork. The construction of the proposed replacement licenced discount foodstore (2,268 sq m gross floor area) comprises of: a retail sales area with ancillary off-license use and bakery (total net retail sales area of 1,420 sq m), entrance pod, public facilities (incl. lobby and toilets) , staff facilities (incl. lobbies, operation office, meeting room, staff room, showers and toilets), storage (incl. cold storage), IT room, plant room, delivery area, and plant deck; rooftop photovoltaic solar panel array extending to a maximum of 1,017 sq m; corporate signage consisting of 2 no. building mounted corporate internally illuminated sign, 1 no. free standing internally illuminated flag pole sign at entrance, 3 no. wall mounted externally illuminated poster panel display boards, and 1 no. free standing externally illuminated poster display boards; 1 no. covered trolley bay structure (56.5 sq m gross floor area); surface car park providing a total of 115 no. car parking spaces (consisting of 6 no. disabled, 12 no. parent and child, and 97 no. regular) and 12 no. motorcycle parking spaces; 24 no. bicycle parking spaces; primary vehicular and pedestrian access to the proposed replacement licensed discount foodstore will be maintained via the existing site entrance onto the Limerick Road (N20), to be enhanced as part of the proposed development; secondary pedestrian access will be provided via the existing dedicated pedestrian access onto the Limerick Road; and boundary treatments, hard and soft landscaping, services (including 1 no. below ground attenuation tanks) and all other ancillary and associated site development works above and below ground level.

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Limerick Road (N20)

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