Construction of 3240sqm. standalone 2-storey extension to existing school, provision of new staff & visitors carpark, reorientation of existing grit pitch, alterations to the existing school building, provision of new on-site bus & car set down facilities, new paved external social space, works to existing site entrance and all associated site works. This is part of a joint application with KK.Co.Co.(with part of the proposed dev. located in Co. KK). A separate app. is being made in parallel to both pl. authorities for the relevant section of development in their area. Above description encompasses all of the proposed works for this project. Proposed works located within Wfd.City.Co. area are as follows: Alterations to existing entrance to provide new filter lane, prov. of new kerbing to delineate access to site, demolition & reinstatement of front boundary wall & entrance piers to facilitate sight lines, provision of new entrance gates, provision of additional new on site bus and car set down facilities and all assoc. site works

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Abbey Community College

Plans Granted

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