The Grand Parade Quarter project which will see a complete renewal of the area around the southern gateway to the medieval city, connecting the Grand Parade and a series of historic lanes, streets and Bishop Lucey Park with the south channel of the River Lee and the city centre business core.

The works will be funded through the Government’s Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) established under the Government’s Ireland 2040 programme and from Cork City Council’s own resources. The project represents the first application of URDF investment in the city.

Bishop Lucey Park is to be completely renewed based on an award winning architectural design that opens up the park to the wider city centre, re-imagines space within it, has many biodiversity gains and protects and highlights the city’s medieval wall.

South Main Street will be transformed through the creation of a large scale public space opening up the historic Counting House on the Beamish and Crawford site and creating new walking and cycling opportunities around the area. The revitalisation will be further enhanced by a sustainable greening strategy with street trees lining footpaths and roadways with low level planting beds and a variety of planters bringing colour and vibrancy to the area.

In tandem with the Beamish and Crawford site works, complementary public realm improvements are to be made to South Main Street, Tobin Street, Tuckey Street, South Gate Bridge, Keyser’s Hill, Proby’s Quay, Frenchs Quay Crosses Green, Clarke’s Bridge and Wandesford Quay.

The remaining and final element of the project will see the development of a state-of-the-art new city public library in the Grand Parade area.

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Bishop Lucey Park

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