Development at existing dairy processing facility consisting of 3no. Main elements;
1. Re-location of main access to the dairy processing plant from Stafford st to Kenyon St/well rd roundabout junction & upgrade of existing milk intake facilities with assoc. Site dev works;
2. Expansion of existing casein processing plant facility;
3. Upgrade of existing wwtp; element no. 1 shall re-locate site access, a)upgrade works to existing kenyon st/well rd roundabout junction;
b)new security control building (approx. Fl area 69sqm);
c)extension/upgrade of existing milk intake facility;
d)new facilities for truck cleaning with canopy roof over;
e)2no. New truck weighbridges;
f)demolition works to facilitate above works including demolition of the former railway bar & suttons coal yard properties adjoining arrabawn co-op site & demolish of exist security control building within the site;
g)all site dev works to include works to boundary walls, fencing & gates, footpaths, internal service

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Stafford Street


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