PP – for the development consisting of:

A) Internal alterations to accommodate an integrated Bio-Chemical manufacturing facility sized 3,476 sqm, within the existing Abbvie Ballytivnan Building.

B) New roof-mounted plant and Penthouse Louvres 1. 8m high and removal of existing roof-mounted equipment.

C) The construction of additional plant room internal mezzanines, sized 645 sq. M within the existing building and an external single storey extension sized 20 sq. M and 9. 6 metres high, located to the North of the existing facility.

D) A revised yard layout, located to the north of the existing facility, including a new single storey electrical room extension sized 155 sqm. And 7. 1 metres high.

E) The enclosure of an existing walled yard area with a new roof and cladding, sized 150 sqm, to house chillers.

F) the addition of 4 no. New boiler flues, 17. 5 metres high above ground level and 500mm diameter.

G) 2 no. New above-ground bunded waste water holding tanks, housed in a building 75 sq.m and 4 metres high.

H) 3 no. cooling towers 9 metres high. A nitrogen tank sized 8 m high and 2 m. diameter, and an emergency generator and its associated diesel tank and its 10 m. high stack.

I) Site works include revised road and car parking layouts, additional temporary contactor related car parking for 109 cars located to the east of the existing electrical substation. Underground and over-ground utilities, landscaping and a landscaped berm. A single storey sprinkler pumphouse sized 24 sqm. and 6 m. high. New sprinkler tank and site fencing.

This application consists of an activity for which a licence under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 (as amended) is required and full details of the proposed development and its anticipated environmental impacts will be notified to the Environmental Protection Agency. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report accompanies this application

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The Old Bundoran Road


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