Development comprising amendments to permitted licensed discount foodstore and associated services and works (2,680.5 sq m gross floor area and 1,424 sq m net retail sales area as permitted under an bord pleanála reg. Ref. No. : pl 04. 248147, cork county council planning reg. Ref. No. : 16/6427) at a site of approximately 1. 09 hectares. The proposed amendments consist of: a revised site layout comprising the repositioning of the permitted licensed discount foodstore and the permitted trolley bay on the subject site, revised parking provision reducing from 122 no. Surface car parking spaces (as permitted) to 110 no. Surface car parking spaces (consisting of 6 no. Disabled, 11 no. Parent and child, and 93 no. Regular), from 12 motorcycle parking spaces (as permitted) to 11 no. Motorcycle parking spaces, and from 28 no. Bicycle parking spaces (as permitted) to 23 no. Bicycle parking spaces; a change of building design comprising the omission of the permitted first floor reducing the g

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Fermoy Road

Plans Withdrawn/Invalid

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