For permission for development and permission for retention of development at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Eccles Street, Dublin 7. The development consists of a seven to nine storey covid emergency extension block (13,563 sqm) (plus pop-up tenth floor level stairs and lift access to rooftop) to the south of the existing modern hospital. The development is to include a lower ground level below the street level of Eccles Street, with a six storey facade directly onto Eccles Street. The building will increase in height toward the north (rear) in steps of one storey each. Permission is sought for the development and completion of the Covid emergency extension block at Eccles Street, to the south of the Whitty Wing of the hospital and connecting at each level northwards to the existing circulation core at the south side of the hospital and forming a new (south) entrance to the hospital campus at Eccles Street, Dublin 7. Permission is sought for retention of site development and enabling works (including demolition of access road ramp from Eccles Street), relocation of services within the site and retention of piled foundations, substructures, retaining structures along Eccles Street and superstructure. Upon completion the covid emergency extension block will provide for 98 hospital beds, including 16 intensive care beds, 28 ppvl isolation beds, 12 isolation respiratory beds and 40 high acute isolation beds and 2 number infectious isolation bed units, associated plant, 3 retail units (345 sqm) and ancillary office and support accommodation. The development includes provision of 24 cycle parking spaces at lower ground level, access for ambulance to both the Eccles Street frontage and from within the existing hospital campus, signage on the Eccles Street elevation, all plant flues, tanks, services, landscaping, boundary treatment and ancillary site development works.

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Mater Misericordiae University Hospital


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