For the development of a BioPark and its associated buildings.This BioPark will involve: The construction of three (30mx24m (12m to apex)) buildings to house the process of Rape Seed Processing, BioDiesel production and Fuel Pelleting. The construction of one (30mx24m (12m to apex)) building for raw material storage. The construction of an Anaerobic Digester (20,000 t/a). The Anerobic Digerter is made up of: Two 25mx10m (8.1 to the apex) buildings for the reception buildings and Solid Seperation building. Two 13.2 radius digestate tanks (6.28m high). Two 10m radius digester tanks (6.28m high). Two 7m radius reception tanks (3.24m high). One control/boiler room (12mx5m (4.4m high)). An energy efficent site office will also be constructed. A weighbridge will be constructed. The process of Anerobic digestion will require a Waste License. An EIS has been submitted with this application.

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