Subdivision of units 6-11 (approved under ref. S98a/0063) into units 6-7 and 8-11 with alterations and extension (including demolition works) to unit 8-11 comprising of:
(1) A c.490sq.M increase at ground floor level;
(2) A c.423sq.M increase at first floor level;
(3) New second floor level with a gross floor area of c. 605sq. M;
(4) A plant area at roof level;
(5) Signage measuring c. 11048m x c. 2. 780m on the north west elevation;
(6) Minor internal reconfiguration works including the provision of a customer escalator and 2 lifts (1 goods lift in the storage area and 1 customer lift in the trading area;
(7) Addition of 4 rooflights; the proposed development will also include hard and soft landscaping; alterations to the existing service yard wall including a new service yard entrance point; petrol interceptor; 5sq.M increase to the unit 12 storage area; 53sq. M increase to the esb substation, which adjoins unit 8-11 at ground floor level; all ancillary site services and site de

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Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

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