Construction of a biomass combined heat and power (chp) plant and associated ash landfill facility adjacent to the existing meat rendering plant on the college proteins site, located in the townlands of college and rathgillen. The application site extends approximatley 19. 25 hectares. The biomass chp plant, when operating at full capacity, will be capable of processing 105,000 tonnes of biomass per annum. The proposed chp plant has been designed to process a maximum of 52,500 tonnes per annum of meat and bone meal (mbm) and 52,500 tonnes per annum of waste organic liquids (derived from the agriculture, food and drink industries). The plant will generate some eight megawatts of electricity and will provide a net export of six megawatts for use outside the plant. The chp plant will be housed in a single building (3130 square metres) designed with concrete and steel structural framework and covered in metal profiled cladding. This building will house an unloading bay and fuel reception a fluidised bed combustion (FBC) system, a boiler system, a turbine/alternator set, a fabric filter system, a service building and an office building. there will be an induced draught (ID) fan and a flue stack for emissions to atmosphere, approximatley 40 metres in height, located outside. the proposed development also provides for two pipe connections within the existing rendering facility and the CHP plant. The new plant facility will be located to the rear (south/west) of the existing industrial plant buildings on site. the proposed process building will be approximatley 96 metres in length, 36 metres in width with a ridge height of 18.4 metres. a separate metal profiled clad enclosure (490 Square metres) will house an air cooled condenser immediately adajacent to the main process building. The condenser structure will be 35 metres in length, 14 metres in width and 15.2 metres in height. The proposed ash landfill will be located in the south- western part of the application site and will be connected to the proposed process buildings by an internal access road measuring approximatley 100 metres in length. the landfill will cater for non hazardous bed ash generated in the combustion process. It will also comprise the following elements: construction of engineered dry storage ash cells. these cells will be constructed and filled one at a time; a landfill runoff water lagoon;a temporary soil desposition area, a separate weighbridge and control office (57 square metres)

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