Planning permission and retention permission for development which will consist of revisions to permitted Phase 2 development (Planning Reg. Ref. 17/158) to include: Change of use from retail to gym (unit 18) of 607.3 sq. m & retail use to creche c. 4.6 sq. m (unit 11). External alterations including revisions to canopy arrangement to front and rear (over basement car park ramp), amendments to cladding and finishes on elevations, revised location of signage, revisions to plant areas; internal finishes and stairs to rear of unit no. 17. The development consists of revisions to permitted Phase 2 development (Planning Reg. Ref. 17/158) to include: Internal alterations and amendments to permitted units nos. 13 to 17 ground floor level to comprise (unit no. 13 – c. 682 sq. m, unit no. 14 – c. 779 sq. m, unit no. 15 – c. 437 sq. m, (subdivision of unit no. 16 to now comprise unit no. 16 c. 401 sq. m, unit 16A c. 201 sq. m) and unit no. 17 c. 599 sq. m; Amendments to permitted unit nos. 15 to 18 at first floor level consisting of amalgamation of unit no. 16 and part unit no. 15 into expanded gym 9unit 18) of 1,246 sq. m; Amendments to units nos. 11 and 12 to include relocated staircases and provision of lifts, expanded escalator area, new disabled WC, and new service gate and relocated door; Relocated and new door for unit 16/16A; Ancillary amendments to basement to include an additional 1 no. car parking space and vents. Provision of vents and associated ancillary amendments at roof level, amendments to external vents/upstands at ground floor and amendments to levels in service yard.

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Gateway Retail Park (Knocknacarra District Centre)

Plans Granted

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