11/01/2019: Project is over 60% completed.

10/12/2018: Project is due for completion by Summer 2019

National Forensic Mental Health Service Hospital

The overall development comprises the construction of the 170-bed National Forensics Mental Health Service Hospital, totalling approx. 25,324sq.m. of floor area. This Commencement Notice relates to Phase 1 works only, which comprise the removal of asbestos from existing structures, demolition of selected existing site structures, diversion and removal of existing underground services, tree removal, archaeological excavation, construction of a new pedestrian path and a construction access road as well as the erection of hoardings to the site; all works are in preparation for the main contract works to the new facility (Phase 2), which will be subject to a separate Commencement Notice.

27/11/2015: Demolition works started

24/10/2016: Tender for the construction of the National Forensic Hospital in Portrane is due to be issued shortly

The project is being carried out, in two phases, as follows:

Phase 1 comprises of a new 130-Bed New Adult Forensic Hospital (to replace the 94 beds at the CMH, Dundrum), together with a 10-bed Forensic Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit (CAMHS). In addition, the Government recently provided additional funding to include a new 30 bed Intensive Care Rehabilitation Unit (ICRU) in this development.

Phase 2 of the National Forensic Mental Health capital project envisages new regional Intensive Care Rehabilitation Units in the HSE West and HSE South areas. These will be provided over the longer-term, as resource availability allows.

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