Development of a distillery and visitor centre (with ancillary café, maturation facilities and other associated ancillary development) (5,106 sqm total gross floor area) at Ballykelly Mills, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare, W34 HY03.
[a Protected Structure (Ref. B21-04)] on a site of 2.13 hectares (of which 0.96 hectares is public road), approximately, at Millfarm, Coolsickin or Quinsborough, Ballykelly and Oldgrange. The site is principally bounded by: agricultural lands to the north; partly by the Local Road L1002, a residential dwelling (W34 E409) and the Local Road L7049 to the east; the Brook Stream to the south; and the Grand Canal to the west. Part of the site (to facilitate site servicing) extends along the public road (L7049) in the townlands of Millfarm, Ballykelly and Oldgrange.
The development will consist of the removal of 3,489 sqm of floor area comprising the internal floors of Blocks A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 and the demolition of a number of structures (891 sqm in total) associated with the previous use of the premises, including: a lean-to shed/structure (identified as Block A3) (103 sqm); a single-storey office building (identified as Block A4) (53 sqm); a grain intake shed including its associated grain elevator (identified as Block D1) (198 sqm); a detached single storey flat-roofed control room (identified as Block D2) (17 sqm); a two-storey derelict detached house (identified as Block F) (106 sqm); an agricultural shed (identified as Block G) (118 sqm); an agricultural shed (identified as Block H) (32 sqm); a lean-to shed/structure (identified as Block I) (76 sqm); a single-storey flat-roofed shed (identified as Block J) (22 sqm); a weighbridge office (identified as Block K) (54 sqm); weighbridge kiosk (identified as Block L1) (6 sqm); a concrete-walled flat-roofed structure (identified as Block N) (52 sqm); and a concrete-walled flat-roofed structure (identified as Block O) (54 sqm). The total demolition / floor area removal comprises 4,380 sqm. The development will also consist of the removal of ancillary fabric across the site including: grain elevators; site fencing and gates; mass concrete slabs, remnants of previous structures and a service yard (identified as Block E); a weighbridge (identified as Block L2); tarmac; signage (with the exception of the ‘Minch Norton & Co. Ltd.’ sign located on eastern elevation of existing grain intake shed (identified as Block D1), which is to be relocated within the proposed development).

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Ballykelly Mills

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