The proposed development will consist of the construction of a residential development comprising of 5 no. apartment blocks containing 255 no. apartment units to include 11 no. 1-bedroom units, 229 no. 2-bedroom units and 15 no. 3- bedroom units together with a childcare facility, shared residential services in a single storey between Blocks 2 and 3, and open spaces over a shared basement.

Each apartment block will comprise of:

•Block 1 will be an 8 storey block containing 49 no. apartment units consisting of 7 no. 1-bedroom unit, 42 no. 2-bedroom units with a childcare facility (c. 398 sq.m) at ground floor level with associated outdoor play area;

• Block 2 will be a 9 storey block providing a total of 60 no. apartment units comprising 1 no. 1-bedroom unit, 57 no. 2-bedroom units, 2 no. 3-bedroom units with a concierge/multifunction area (c. 246 sq.m) at ground floor level extending into a single storey block and the provision of a residential gym (73 sq.m);

• Block 3 will be a 7-8 storey block providing a total of 47 no. apartment units comprising 1 no. 1-bedroom unit, 38 no. 2-bedroom units and 8 no. 3- bedroom units;

• Block 4 will be an 8-9 storey block providing a total of 52 no. apartment units comprising 1 no. 1-bedroom unit, 49 no. 2-bedroom units and 2 no. 3- bedroom units; and

• Block 5 will be a 5-9 storey block providing a total of 47 no. apartment units comprising 1 no. 1-bedroom unit, 43 no. 2-bedroom units and 3 no. 3- bedroom units.

The development will also provide:

– 277 no. associated car parking spaces (including 5 no. disabled parking) at basement level, 16 no. car parking spaces (including 1 no. disabled parking and 2 no. car sharing) at surface level, 8 no. motorbike parking spaces at basement level, 600 no. cycle parking spaces at basement level and 128 no. cycle number spaces at surface level (including 72 no. of sheltered spaces);

– a new vehicular access ramp to basement level;

– private open space to apartments in the form of terraces, balconies and gardens;

– communal and public open spaces including play areas; and

– all associated plant, drainage arrangements, works to facilitate utility connections, substation, boundary treatment, landscaping, public lighting, refuse storage, construction compounds, vehicle access and site development works.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been prepared in respect of the proposed development and accompany this application.

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