A 10 year planning permission for development which will consist of:

(1) The demolition of a portion of an existing barley intake building and storage building;

(2) The construction of a new malting plant comprising: an energies building (400.5 sqm and 16.6 metres high); a kiln vessel (594 sqm and 10.8 metres high); a steeps building (496.6 sqm and 20.4 metres high); 2 No. germination vessels (830 sqm and 10.2 metres high); a 300 cubic metre process water tank (5.7 metres high); and ancillary overhead conveyors at 11.5 metres above ground level:

(3) The construction of a wastewater balance tank (167.3 sqm and 5.7 metres high):

(4) The construction of 3 No. combined heat and power units (228 sqm and 7.4 metres high):

(5) The construction of a barley intake building (145.7 sqm and 18 metres high);

(6) The construction of a heat recovery unit for the Boby Kiln to be located on top of the existing Boby Tower (162 sqm) to a height of 21.6 metres above ground level;

(7) The construction of a filter enclosure (60.7 sqm and 14 metres high);

(8) The construction of a malt screen housing (65 sqm and 18.0 metres high);

(9) The construction of a malt outloading structure with overhead storage bins (174.3 sqm and 23 metres high) with associated overhead conveyors;

(10) 2 No. buffer bins (50 sqm and 20.7 metres high);

(11) The renovation of Plewman’s House and the construction of a 76sqm board room extension and a 310 sqm administration building extension;

(12) The construction of a 29 No. space car park with disabled and electric charging spaces adjacent to Plewman’s House;

(13) The construction of an access road, footpath and vehicle entrance from the Woodstock Industrial Estate road;

(14) An upgraded surface water management system to include a new surface water attenuation pond; 1 No. surface water screen; 1 No. hydrodynamic grit separator; and 1 No. hydrocarbon interceptor; and

(15) All other site development works including the provision of ancillary access roads, hardstands, conveyors and underground services required to facilitate the development.

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