Permission for the construction of a new Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility to the north of the existing BMS Pharmaceutical Campus including: (1) A two storey manufacturing facility with a mechanical penthouse, 25 metres high, sized 21,570 square metres. (2) A two storey Laboratory and Administration Building with a mechanical penthouse, 18.7 metres high, sized 16,346 square metres. (3) A two storey Combined Utility Building 12 metres high, sized 3,508 square metres with 3 no. boiler stacks sized 25 metres high. (4) A single storey extension to the existing Warehouse Building 14.9 metres high, sized 2,343 square metres including the demolition of an existing drum store sized 1,520 square metres. (5) A single storey extension to the existing Electrical Building 8.3 metres high, sized 285 square metres. (6) A single storey Security Building 5 metres high, sized 55 square metres. (7) A single storey extension to the existing Compressor building 8.8 metres high, sized 551 square metres. The works include modifications to the existing Waste Water Treatment Facilities, the local demolition of items of plant, equipment and storage facilities. The works also include site works including permanent car parking for 500 cars, bicycle parking, docking and yard areas, internal roads, pipe bridges, painted steel boundary and security fencing 2.4 metres high and gates, a new main vehicular entrance to the northern most part of the expanded Bristol-Myers Squibb site, a new construction entrance, modifications and alterations to existing underground and overground site utility systems, including a new surface water attenuation system, site lighting and security systems, a bunded tank farm, a gas pad, shipping and receiving docks, building and site signage, a single storey sprinkler pumphouse 6 metres high sized 78 square metres and miscellaneous site tanks, stacks and utilities. The works include extensive landscaping, bermed features and the modification, resurfacing and completion of the existing third party access road to the northern boundary of the enlarged site. This application consists of a variation to a previously permitted development on an activity for which a licence under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 (as amended for the Protection of the Environment Act, 2003) is required and full details of the proposed development and its anticipated environmental impacts will be notified to the Environmental Protection Agency. An Environmental Impact Statement accompanies this application, and it will be available for inspection or purchase at the office of the Planning Authority. The development consists of modifications to an establishment within the meaning of the European Communities (Control of Major Accident Hazards involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations 2006.

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Cruiserath & Goddamendy Townlands


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