The development will consist of :- Permission for alterations, amendments and retention to the primary school redevelopment as permitted under parent permission Ref. FW13A/0074 (extended under FW13A/0074/E1) and amended under FW18A/0137 to include: 1- Addition of Special Education Needs (SEN) facilities and consequent alterations to permitted school design. Overall building area increase 1159 sqm. Approved two storey JNS building volume extended 12.6m north and 4m west and new single story extension (255 sqm) to approved eastern elevation. Addition of 4 no. SEN classrooms, 2 no. multi sensory rooms, 2 no. central activities spaces, 2 no. offices, and ancillary facilities. Consequent alterations to approved JNS layout including relocation of approved teaching spaces and additional secondary entrance, meeting room, social space and first floor external terrace overlooking inner courtyard. 2- Amendments to approved landscaping including relocation of ballcourt and addition of enclosed SEN play areas, and 6 SEN Parking spaces. 3- Retention of two storey infill (75sqm) comprising staffroom and meeting room in SNS courtyard and minor alterations to internal layout. Permitted pitched roof heights nominally increased. 4- Permission for 2.4m high external enclosure (20sqm) for storage and services.

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Blackcourt Road

Plans Granted

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