Development on a site of c. 1.02 hectares. The development will consist of the erection of a single storey Pre-Boarding Zone building (c. 6.95m high including screened plant at roof level) with a total gross floor area (GFA) of c. 2,205 sq.m. with canopy on a site to the south west of the existing Aer Lingus Cargo Building. The Pre-Boarding Zone building comprises passenger waiting and boarding areas and all ancillary storage, toilet, food and beverage facilities including ancillary plant and equipment. The development will also consist of the realignment of a portion of the Bond Road to the north of the proposed Pre-Boarding Zone building, the realignment of the security fence to the south of the existing Aer Lingus Cargo Building and the provision of a gated access point; the realignment of the airside landside fence to the south of the realigned Bond Road; the provision of a Pre-Boarding Zone access road to the south of the realigned Bond Road; the provision of a covered passenger walkway; the provision of 2 No. bus turning circles; the demolition of the existing security Gate 25 and associated hut (c.12 sq.m. GFA) and the erection of a replacement security gate and hut (c. 125 sq.m. GFA), all to the north-west of the Pre-Boarding Zone building; the removal of 1 No. High Mast Light column (c. 25m high) and the provision of a replacement High Mast Light column (c. 20m high) to the south west of its original position, all to the east of the PBZ building; the provision of an access road from the eastern end of the South Apron to an existing sub-station adjacent to the South Apron; and all ancillary site development works above and below ground. Temporary planning permission is sought for a period of 7 years for the Pre-Boarding Zone building and the associated canopy and covered pedestrian walkway. Planning permission is sought on a permanent basis for all other development proposed as part of this planning application.

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South Apron


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