The development will consist of the construction of a residential
scheme of 413 no. apartments with ancillary tenant amenity and
management facilities, neighbourhood centre consisting of a crèche
and 3 no. retail units, landscaping, road improvement works,
substation and all ancillary site development works. The proposed
development represents an alteration of the scheme permitted by
T.P.24609/00 which included 8 no. apartment blocks (Blocks 1,2,5 & 6
constructed to date). The proposed development will consist of 6 no.
blocks (4 no. new blocks to replace Blocks 3,4,7 & 8 permitted by TP
24609/00 and additional Blocks 9 & 10) ranging in height from 6 to 25
storeys and including; Block 3 (25 storeys) consisting of 152 no.
apartments including 2 no. 1-bedroom apartment, 144 no. 2-bedroom
apartments & 6 no. 3-bedroom apartments; Block 4 (8 storeys)
consisting of 67 no. apartments including 14 no. studio apartments,
12 no. 1-bedroom apartments, 38 no. 2-bedroom apartments & 3 no. 3-
bedroom apartments; Block 7 (7 storeys) consisting of 49 no.
apartments including 10 no. studio apartments, 10 no. 1-bedroom
apartments, 25 no. 2-bedroom apartments & 4 no. 3-bedroom
apartments; Block 8 (6 storeys) consisting of 40 no. apartments
including 10 no. 1-bedroom apartments, 26 no. 2-bedroom apartments
& 4 no. 3-bedroom apartments; Block 9 (6 storeys) consisting of 46
no. apartments including 10. No 1-bedroom apartments, 33 no. 2-
bedroom apartments & 3 no. 3-bedroom apartments; Block 10 (6
storeys) consisting of 59 no. apartments including 1 no. studio
apartment, 26 no. 1-bedroom apartments & 32 no. 2-bedroom
apartments. The ground floor of Block 10 provides for the
neighbourhood centre consisting of 3 no. ground floor retail units,
totalling 861 m2 and a crèche totalling 392 m2. The proposed
development makes provision for landscaped communal open spaces
and 3 no. additional access points to the adjacent Lough Mahon
walkway / cycleway. Car parking, motorcycle & bicycle parking
spaces will be provided on the surface, in an under croft beneath
Block 3 and 4 and in an extension to the existing basement under
existing Blocks 5 and 6 and under proposed Blocks 7, 8 and 9. Access to the proposed extended basement car park will be via the existing
basement entrance and ramp. The proposed development will also
provide for upgrades to a section of the Mahon Link Road (R852) to
the North of the N40 interchange to incorporate a dedicated bus lane.
Access to the proposed development will be from the existing
entrance to Jacob’s Island from the R852 at the N40 Mahon

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