Demolition of the existing single-story c. 2,605sq.m. Junior School building; demolition of the existing single-storey c. 211sq.m. Junior School ancillary structures; construction of a new part three/part two-story c. 4,998sq.m – Junior School building, located to the west of the existing Senior School building. The new school will accommodate 27 classrooms, a 3-class base Special Education Needs facility, and all ancillary accommodation (the Senior School does not form part of planning application); 2 single-storey temporary accommodation units, c. 400sq.m, located to the south of the site, to facilitate the construction of the new school building; renewable energy design measures, PV Panels and/or heat pumps located at roof level; new school signage comprising wall-mounted lettering on the front elevation of the new building; external hard play area and 2 Multi-Use Games Areas; all located to the south of the site; redevelopment of the existing staff car parking and set-down facilities within the school site comprising: provision of 40 Junior school staff car parking spaces and 6 car set-down spaces, resurfacing of 22 existing Senior school car parking spaces, 106 bicycle parking spaces, new access road, new footpaths, landscaping and all ancillary site works; boundary treatment comprising of repair works to the existing low-level blockwork wall and new metal railings to an overall height of 2.4m along Fortunestown Road; replacement of the existing palisade fencing with new 2.4m high railings along Kiltalown Park Rd to the south; replacement of the existing pedestrian and vehicular entrance gates; works in the public road outside the school site: including 5 set-down spaces along Fortunestown Road, and services connection required to facilitate the development.

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