A new butter processing facility for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of butter products. The facility will comprise a main building ranging from c.8.5m to 13.5m in height consisting of c.1,104m of office/ancillary accommodation arranged over two storeys, c.2,160m of single storey production space, c.1,673m of single storey storage/distribution space and c.381m of enclosed plant space; a single storey liquid ingredients intake building c.346m with open plant area above of c.9.5m in height; 10 no. liquid storage silos of c.15m in height with associate access platforms; external pipe bridge; external signage; external utilities comprising of electrical transformer and switch rooms c.92m, process water storage tank and pump house c.20m, fire water and sprinkler water tanks and pump house c.36m, and a waste water balancing tank, all ranging from c.1.5m to 5.7m in height; 50 no. car parking spaces and 25 no. bicycle parking spaces, roads with new entrances and entrance a

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