Modifications to development previously granted permission under planning ref: pl2/09/537 including; (a) Revised site boundaries; (b) Revised site layout; (c) Revised chp building elevations and reduction of area to 1,529 sq.m; (d) Omission of 9m high cooling towers; (e) omission of pelleting building; (f) Omission of ancillary two storey office building and parking spaces; (g) Omission of silo storage structure; (h) Addition of straw bale storage building with an area of 2,178 sq.m; (i) Addition of dryer plant silo building with an area of 726 sq.m; (j) Reduction of previously granted dryer building to 844 sq.m to be used as dry chip storage; (k) Addition of new dryer building with an area of 1,795 sq.m; (l) Relocation and undergrounding of attenuation tanks; (m) Realignment of previously granted internal road network and site entrance; (n) Omission of fire-fighting water storage lake; (o) Addition of 1,050 m3 rain water harvesting tank; (p) Relocation and reduction of staff car parking spaces to 20 no.; (q) Increase in production of circa 15 megawatts of renewable electricity to 18.4 megawatts of renewable electricity; (r) Increase in the height of the flue to 44m; (s) Relocation of electrical switchyard and modifications to enclosed substation building.

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