The proposal comprises the redevelopment of a vacant former factory site (c. 1.76 ha) and construction of a mixed use development across 5 no. Blocks (A-E) providing 321 no. Build to Rent apartments 110 no. 1-bed and 211 no. 2-bed units (each with balcony or terrace) and c. 4,497 sqm gfa. of commercial uses.

The development will consist of:

1. Demolition of existing ESB substation and boundary treatments.

2. Block A (6 storeys) comprises a c. 195 sqm café, bike and bin storage, ESB substation, meter room and switch room at ground floor level with 79 apartments (28 no. 1-bed and 51 no. 2-bed units) at ground to fifth floor level.

3. Block B (6 storeys) comprises 47 apartments (23 no. 1-bed and 24 no. 2-bed units) with bike storage and meter room at ground floor level.

4. Block C (6 storeys) comprises a c. 290 sqm crèche, bin and bike storage, ESB substation, meter rooms and switch room at ground floor and 90 no. apartments (34 no. 1-bed and 56 no. 2-bed units) at ground to fifth floor level.

5. Block D (6 storeys) comprises a c. 450 sqm public gymnasium, ESB substation, switch room, meter room, bin and bike storage at ground floor alongside residential amenity space (c. 841.6 sqm) at ground floor including gym, study area, library/ quiet room, lounge, games area, kids play room, shared kitchen and cinema room with 105 apartments (25 no. 1-bed and 80 no. 2-bed units) at first to fifth floor level and external roof terrace (c. 469 sqm).

6. Block E (5 storeys) comprises c. 125 sqm of retail, c. 262 sqm of flexible office space, ESB substation, switch room, WCs, reception and bin store at ground floor with c. 2,176 sqm of flexible office space at first to fourth floor level, with c. 686.8 sqm basement below providing 56 no. bicycle parking spaces, plant, storage and shower facilities associated with the office building.

7. Provision of external communal open space in a landscaped garden courtyard extending to c. 1,891 sqm with children’s play area, open air stairs and lift providing access to basement parking and c. 168 sqm of communal open space at residents’ allotments at the southern elevation of Block A, with c. 2,045 sqm of public open space provided, bicycle parking areas provided throughout the surface level of the site.

8. Shared vehicular and bicycle access is taken from a new secondary access road branching west from Jamestown Road at the northeast corner of the site (extending to the western boundary), with 17 surface car parking spaces (including 8 no. visitor [3 accessible], 4 no. crèche, 5 no. Go Car [1 accessible] spaces) in the northern part of site, with ramp access to a basement level (c. 6,386 sqm) providing 175 car parking spaces (163 no. residential [5 no. accessible], 5 no. Go Car, 7 no. office [1 accessible]) and 12 motorbike parking spaces, with a total of 907 no. bicycle parking spaces (171 at ground floor and 736 at basement).

9. A total of c. 1,049.2 sqm of residential support facilities in the form of laundry, management suite, reception, WCs, bin and bike storage.

10. All circulation and ancillary uses, associated infrastructure and enabling works associated with the development, green/blue roofs, telecommunications equipment (radio antennas and microwave link dishes at Block D roof level) landscaping, pedestrian access, set down area at southern perimeter, boundary treatments and ESB substation at northern perimeter.

The site is zoned Z14 – Strategic Development and Regeneration with an objective “To seek the social, economic and physical development and/or rejuvenation of an area with mixed use, of which residential and ‘Z6’ would be the predominant uses” under the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022. The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal will be consistent with the objectives of the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022.

The application contains a statement indicating why permission should be granted for the proposed development, having regard to a consideration specified in section 37(2)(b) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, notwithstanding that the proposed development materially contravenes a relevant development plan or local area plan other than in relation to the zoning of the land

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